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Thank You!

I just want to thank you and Colleen for all the help you gave me in the process of getting my new floors. You were so professional and punctual in everything, yet we were so personable and patient with me at the same time. All of your workers were top-notch as well. An old lady like me appreciates all of this. I will be quick to recommend your services to any of my friends.

- Brenda J.

Beautiful Job!

Kenny and Colleen:

Thank you for a beautiful job on our new floors!!!!!!! From the first day we met through to the finished job, we were pleased with every single detail. From the beginning, we were very pleased with our decision to choose Lakeside Flooring. We just needed to pick a darned floor!!! The choices were endless.

We appreciate your patience on the front-end of the sale as my husband and I flip-flopped around about our decision. Thank you for helping us to narrow down our choices and your honest assessment of the type of flooring we, eventually, chose for our new home. We very much appreciate the time and attention to detail on the installation including the transitions and quarter rounds (how beautiful). Your employees are very professional. They worked worked every minute of each day to finish quickly. They showed up on time and they worked straight through with brief pauses for lunch. The installation is high quality. We are absolutely ‘over the top’ with our new floors. We love them and we will recommend you to our friends and family.

Donna P.

Excellent Services! Very Pleased!

I recently went to Lakeside Floors to purchase some flooring and have it installed in my home and was very pleased with how well the services from them went. We were able to find some flooring that looks great in the home without breaking the bank, once we had decided upon the flooring the installers came out and were able to do the install quickly and without any issues. All in all, I am very satisfied with the services from Lakeside Floors, the flooring that was installed looks great, we would definitely use them again and I would highly recommend their services.

- Chip B.
Houston, TX

Great Experiences of 10 Years

I have been working with Lakeside Floors for 10 years. They have installed many carpets and tile in our home, and their work has been great and without issue. Their workmen are very nice, knowledgeable, professional, and clean up well after themselves. Their pricing is fair and has real value to it.They are easy to get in touch with and I think they are a great company to work with.

- Diana W.
Houston, TX

A Very Good Experience!

I have used LAKESIDE FLOORS several times for different flooring jobs. They did a commercial job for me where they installed carpet, and they put ceramic tile in a residential job. The work they did was very good.

Their customer service was good, too. They were polite and courteous and they worked around my schedule. They were prompt, and they did what they said they were going to do, and completed everything in a timely manner.

- Matt H.
Liberty, TX

Friendly, Courteous, and Professional

I hired Lakeside floors to replace the carpet on a closet downstairs, the stairs themselves, and the whole upstairs of our house. They did a great job. We recently hired them again to replace the downstairs carpet, which they haven't installed yet because they're quite busy, thanks to the damage in our area caused by Hurricane Harvey. They have quality customer service, and have always been friendly, courteous, and professional. This was my first time using them, and will be using them again.

- Jennifer M.
Houston, TX

Absolutely Great!

We have used Lakeside Floors on several occasions over the last three to five years. They have always been great. They help me out a lot whenever I've needed anything, and they do a good job. Their technicians are always on time and they are professional and efficient. They are communicative and keep me informed. Their customer service is excellent and they are responsive. Their pricing is also wonderful. They have done a lot of work for me and, overall, I have been very satisfied.

- Mary C.
Cleveland, TX

They Do Great Work!

I have used Lakeside Floors several times. They tiled my kitchen floor, as well as the entryway in my home. They also put carpet in my bedroom.
I was totally pleased with them. The work was great and they did a perfect job!

Unfortunately all their hard work was ruined when Hurricane Harvey came through the Houston area. I have a contractor renovating my home after the flooding and they have their own tile crew. If they didn't, I would definitely use Lakeside Floors.

I have already recommended them to my friends because they did such a good job.

- Karen B.
Kingwood, TX

Very Good Experience!

I had a good experience with Lakeside Floors. They installed some wood flooring and carpeting for me and did a great job. They had very good customer service and their crew did quality work. The installation was done very well. Their pricing was about average. I was quite happy with how everything turned out.

- Chris T.
Houston, TX

Always a Good Experience

I have never had a bad experience using Lakeside Floors. I have used them around 3 times, one of those experiences I bought the flooring from them and brought out to a home I own out in the countryside. The flooring they offer is always the best. I recently moved away and am disappointed that I won't be able to use them again. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable flooring company.

- Calvin R.
Houston, TX

Great Experience Overall

I had an excellent experience with Lakeside Floors. They have installed vinyl plank for the floors for my downstairs. They also installed tile flooring for my kitchen and my bathroom. I have had them come out here to do multiple projects for me (like counter tops and work on my refrigerator). The staff is very friendly and professional. Each time that I have used them, everything has turned out well and I am more than happy with the results that I get when I use them. Overall, I would definitely recommend them to other people and I would keep using them. In fact, I will be using them to do some more carpet work.

- Chuck P.
Huffman, TX

Good Carpeting!

This was my first time using Lakeside Floors and I had a great experience. The sales people in the showroom were very nice and helped me select the right carpet for my home. I was happy that the installation went smoothly and didn't give me any grief. Considering I got carpeting put throughout my entire home, the pricing was very fair. I would use them again and recommend them to others.

- Nancy H.
Houston, TX

Great Product, Great Service!

I had a wonderful experience with Lakeside Floors. They did a thorough job and finished it on time. They worked with me on getting exactly what I wanted. The installation itself went very well and the floors look beautiful. The employees I dealt with were professional, efficient and communicative. Their pricing was very reasonable. I was very happy with everything.

- Patricia L.
Huffman, TX

Satisfied Customer!

It was our first time working with Lakeside Floors and we were completely satisfied with the work they did for us. We found out about them based off a recommendation from a reliable friend who gave them very high marks. We had them come by to give us an estimate for some flooring work we wanted to get done, they were very informative regarding the prices for everything and an approximation for the time it would take. They gave us a reasonable estimate compared to other companies in the area so we decided to go with them. The work went very well and we had no issues with the installation, the workers were very nice and they made sure to clean up after themselves. Would highly recommend this company.

- Vanessa G.
Huffman, TX

Average Service.

It was my first time working with Lakeside Floors and as a small business owner, I wanted to use Lakeside to support the other small businesses in the area. They put brand new carpet in 3 rooms of my home and things went okay but I had a little issue with the installation. The carpet itself looks great and matches very well with the rest of my house but in one of the rooms, the seam for the carpet is clearly visible right when you walk in. I didn't like the way it looked so I called up the owner, he came by and said he couldn't really do much about it know. Not completely satisfied and probably won't use them ever again.

- Carol M.
Huffman, TX

They Did A Fine Job.

It was my first time using Lakeside Floors and it was an overall fine experience. They did a small scale install for my home and everything turned out great. I really enjoy the variety of options they had at a very affordable price as well as the high level of customer service from the employees at the store as they helped me with options for my home. Employees arrived on time, did the work they needed to do, and cleaned up after themselves. I will seriously consider using them again and would be willing to recommend them to anyone.

- Nancy D.
Huffman, TX

Impressive and Excellent Work

I've had a great experience using Lakeside Floors. The staff came to the home and took out the old floors and relaid some new top floors. They did the laundry room, dining room, pantry and more! They did some really incredible work and whenever people see the floors, they're impressed and I tell them that Lakeside Floors is the one responsible for the awesome results. I would absolutely recommend them to future customers. The pricing is always good, the staff is always friendly and on-time. The crew did a great, professional job and I hope they keep it up! Thanks for everything!

- Debbie S.
Huffman, TX

Best Flooring Service In The Area

It was our first time using Lakeside Floors and we really appreciate everything that Ken has been doing for us. We had a water line break under our home earlier in the year and it essentially flooded the whole home. We needed to replace all the flooring and at first we went to someone else as we were comparing businesses in the area but when we met with Ken and saw the quality of work he was willing to provide at such a great price we knew who we had to go with. Ken walked us through what we should expect and how much time it would roughly take. He completed the installation and everything looks amazing! I have already recommended him to multiple people and will continue to do so. I hopefully have the chance to use them in the future!

- Jason M.
Huffman, TX

Great communication and work in a timely manner.

LAKESIDE FLOORS were very good. They did the work that we agreed to and they did in a timely manner and they had great communication. We used them for another job before this and they did good work then too. It's been a good experience with them and I would absolutely hire them again.

- Nancy L.
Lakeside, TX

Beautiful work

I had an excellent experience with Lakeside Floors. They installed tiles in my hallway, shower, and bathroom, and the results were great. All the work that they did was beautiful and there have not been any problems. Their employees were very professional and pleasant to work with. This was my first time using them, but I would definitely use them again in the future if needed.

- Esther H.
Huffman, TX

When It Was Not Perfect, They Replaced Boarder Within A Day!

About 6 months ago, I wanted to get new laminate flooring in the bottom level of my house. I was trying to match the flooring that was in another part of the house, so I did not have to pick any out. Lakeside Floors had the exact flooring which made it easy to get. I bought the flooring through them and they came out to install it. The boarder did not match the other boarder exactly, but they sent it back and got the right one within one day. What great customer service, they really wanted to make sure I was pleased with them. They were easy to communicate with really went above and beyond. If you are looking for a great flooring company, Lakeside Floors will not disappoint you!

- Jared D.
Huffman, TX

Excellent Company

My experience with Lakeside Floors was great. I had them remove and replace my ceramic floors, which was a huge job. They also installed granite counter tops in my kitchen and hardwood flooring in my bedroom. This was my second time using them. They installed carpet for me at my previous house. The crew arrived on time and were professional, neat, and they cleaned up after themselves. I would highly recommend them to anyone. The gentleman that installed my counter tops was really really good. My faucet was off centered and he was so concerned about making it right that he put in extra work to do it. They do quality work and are very trustworthy. They do an inspection while the job is getting done and then again at the completion of the job.

- Frances P.
Humble, TX

Really Nice People

The people over at Lakeside Floors are really nice people and I have worked with them on a couple of different occasions. I keep going back to them because they are just so easy to deal with. Not only are they pleasant people, but they really know what they are doing and just make everything a very smooth and simple process. They also have a really good price when compared to other places in the area so that is another huge plus. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get some new floors at a great price.

- Jason S.
Huffman, TX

Excellent All Around!

Lakeside Floors is just excellent. They installed wooden floors in my bedroom recently and they were very prompt on everything. There are so many contractors who aren't on time, but when the Lakeside people said they were going to be there, they were. I really appreciated that. Their prices are comparable to what's around town. Plus, they have excellent customer service. They are very home-town type people and their staff are easy to be around. Their technicians were professional, efficient, and fast, and I was very happy with how everything turned out.

- Michelle J.
Huffman, TX

Good Installers

We have gone to the people over at Lakeside Floors twice now, and the reason that we went back is because they have really good installers. The installers are key for me because you can buy whatever cheap or expensive material but without a good installation it don't mean squat. On top of the good installers the prices aren't that bad which is nice. They are also family owned which is something we like to support. All in all we would definitely recommend them and the next time we are looking for new flooring we will be coming right back here.

- Tom W.
Huffman, TX

Great job.

We are very happy with all the work we had done by Lakeside Floors. They installed flooring in our kitchen and dining room, the hallway, a bathroom, and the den. They did a great job. They got all that done in just three days. They cleaned up real good. We are planning to call them again and have some more work done. We will recommend them to other people.

- Kevin W.
Crosby, TX

Very helpful

I was really impressed with the people over at Lakeside Floors. When I went in to their store I had no real idea of what I wanted just that I needed new floors. The salesman who worked with me was very patient and walked me through a couple different options within the budget I told him. I finally chose one after taking some samples home to see how it would look. The people who did the installation were smooth and did an incredible job. I would definitely recommend these guys just on the salesman alone because he really made this a pleasant experience for me.

- Ron C.
Houston, TX

Everything has been perfect!

I've been a customer for about 3 years now. They've done a couple big projects over the years: tile floors and also vinyl flooring throughout the entire house.
I've enjoyed working with Ken and his team. They're very friendly, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. They always show up on time and do a very good job.

- Rhea S.
Hussman, TX

Not happy with how they left things.

I hired Lakeside Floors to put new carpeting upstairs at my home. They sent 2 guys to do the job. Everything went well with laying the carpet, but, when they finished, they didn't move anything back to where it belonged. They left it a total mess. Whatever was on the floor upstairs was just tossed into the bathroom. I found the comforter from my bed in the bathtub. I didn't expect them to put the sheets on and make the bed or anything, but they could have at least put the bedding on top of the bed. I even bought them lunch. I just assumed they would put things back after the carpet was finished, so I wasn't aware that they didn't until after they were gone. When I called the company and spoke with the manager about it, he just kind of laughed at me. I didn't think it was funny, especially since I had to put everything back all by myself. The carpet looks great, I'm just not happy about how they left things.

- Brenda E.
Crosby, TX

Quality craftsmanship and down to earth people

The number 1 reason I would give Lakeside Floors five out of five stars is the quality of the work, the quality of the craftsmanship. There were no hidden fees or anything. Everything was up front. They were on time with everything they've done for us. They've done a few of my rental units with carpeting and in my house they put in solid hardwood floors. I've never had any problem with the hardwood floors over 3 years, and they even gave me maintenance and cleaning products free of charge when they did the work, which I wasn't expecting. I also believe in keeping your money in the town where you live, and they really offer a quality service here locally. They have competitive prices in my opinion, maybe slightly higher than some competitors but you get what you pay for. I've had other work done by franchise people and even though the price was lower the quality just was not there. I'm planning on having more work done in my house here and Lakeside Floors will be the ones to do it. They really are such a friendly down to earth couple. I'd recommend them to anyone.

- Lucas P.
Tx, TX

Excellent job. Timely and professional.

I would recommend Lakeside Floors. They did an excellent job and they did exactly what I told them to do and in the time that they said it was going to take to do it. 

They were timely and as a matter of fact, there were some special plans that they had to make in order to get mine done in time for me to move in and they got it done at the end. 

They were also very professional and they did what I needed them to do much better than I expected they would.

- Ellen N.
Craftman, TX


Lakeside Floors had good prices, they said what they were going to do, everything overall worked well for us.

- Bob N.
Kingwood , TX

Great work, left a little dusty

I was quite happy with the work I had done from Lakeside Floors. I had them come out to replace our carpets with some luxury vinyl and the job went quickly and easily. I would definitely recommend them, but I would say before you hire them, be sure to ask about dust control. As they did the floor work but didn't setup any protection for the dust, and left after the job was finished and left a coating of dust throughout our home.

- Phillip J.
Huffman, TX

Great work, would highly recommend

The work I had done from Lakeside Floors was excellent. I had them come out to do some work on the hardwood floor, and also do some tilework throughout our home. The work went very well, and we haven't had any issues since with the areas they worked on. I would go back to them in a heartbeat, and I cannot give them a higher recommendation!

- Nancy K.
Huffman, TX

They did everything they said and came back instantly to fix some little things.

We were pleased with Lakeside Floors, we think they did a good job. They took out some old floors that really needed replacement and put in some new floor in the house. 

I would give them a 4.5 or a 5 on everything. They did everything they said they were going to do and they came back almost right away to fix a couple of little things, they came almost instantly actually. We had no problems with them.

- Sandra F.
Houston, TX

Excellent work, great customer service!

My experience with Lakeside Floors went very well, the workers came out and were very courteous and professional while they were here working. The install of the floor went through without any problems, and we haven't had any problems since with any of the areas they worked on. I will definitely use Lakeside Floors again if I find myself in need of more work done on my floors, and I would highly recommend their services!

- Brandi S.
Huffman, TX

Great experience

The people at Lakeside Floors and fantastic. They really helped with our situation. They came in and took the ugly, soiled carpet we had in our bedroom out and leveled the floor. Then, they took the time and to find the exact same flooring that matched what we have in the rest of the house, and installed it. They really did an outstanding job. The guys arrived on time and were very polite and professional throughout the job. The floor looks amazing.. We are very happy with it. I would use them again and I would even recommend them to others that have flooring needs and are looking to hire a professional.

- Nora R.
Houston, TX

A Professional Company

LAKESIDE FLOORS installed new carpet and laminated flooring in my home; and the results are nice. You get a good deal for the money spent on the product and service. I like how there was a variety of choices to select from. Staff were very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. I was able to take samples home. Prices are reasonable.

- Carolyn R.
Huffman, TX

Overall great experience

I have to say that I had an overall great experience in working with the people over at Lakeside Floors. When I went in to the stores to pick out what I wanted I received great help and very sound advice which I really appreciated. The installers came when they promised they would and they got right to work. They did the work really well and I have absolutely no complaints about the end result. They cleaned up really well after themselves once the job was completed which was really nice. I would definitely use these guys again and will recommend them to anyone who asks.

- Valeska N.
Houston, TX

Kenny and Colleen were fantastic to work with, professional, experienced, honest and price competitively!

We had new wood floors laid in our home on all the main living area surfaces. Then we had new carpet put in all the bedrooms. The help given by both Kenny and Colleen was just excellent. We had shopped around a great deal before making our decision to go with Lakeside, their experience and honesty were a great comfort. Due to some issues we had to change the dates on them multiple times, but always they were so kind and accommodating. They were also the best price based on the competition (we received 4 quotes). We strongly recommend Lakeside and will use them again in the future should the need arise.

- Rosemary R.
Kingwood, TX

Lakeside Floors: Great customer service

From going into the store to look at different hardwood floors, to the floors they had to order, and to laying flooring--Lakeside Floors was extremely efficient and just very knowledgeable. We just felt their customer service was excellent.

We got hardwood flooring in several rooms and the installers were here on time. And, the time scale they gave us in terms of how long it would take was right on the button. They moved everything, put everything back and everything was cleaned up. They did a great job. We actually shopped around in several different locations and found they have the best price, and I've recommended that others go there because of that reason.

- Carol M.
Houston, TX

Flooring replacement

Lakeside Floors removed old carpeting and replaced with vinyl plank flooring. We absolutely love it! Their crew was so professional and polite and had the job done in a timely manner. We won't hesitate to use them again and refer them to our friends!!

- Nancy M.
Humble, TX

A Good Experience

LAKESIDE FLOORS installed new carpet through out my home. I am very happy with the way the carpet installation turned out. They were patient and flexible with me. Additionally, they were also very helpful with assisting me in selecting the product. The carpenters came out to measure everything and I appreciate their accuracy. I will recommend this company to other people.

- Danielle K.
Kingwood, TX

A Good Job

LAKESIDE FLOORS installed new floors in my bedrooms and they did a really good job with the installations. For their service and experience I give them high ratings. I would definitely recommend them.

- Rebecca H.
Huffman, TX


Lakeside Floors did an excellent job. Everything was absolutely outstanding with them.

- Debbie D.
Huffman, TX

A Great Experience

I've used LAKESIDE FLOORS several times. In the past I've had new carpet installed and most recently, I had tile installed on our back porch and the results looks great! Prices are reasonable. Their workers are always on time for their appointment and professional. I am satisfied with the products and service from LAKESIDE FLOORS.

- Richard B.
Humble, TX

You won't regret using them

I had a five-star experience because of Lakeside Floors' customer service, their price, and that they did what they said they would do in a timely manner. They did tile work, removing the tile and replacing the tile in the whole house. Their showroom and sales staff was spectacular: they were very friendly and loyal and they knew what they were doing. I also think their installers were perfect. They were on time, cleaned up when they were done and gave updates throughout the process. I would use Lakeside Floors again.

- Dustin H.
Atascocita, TX

I Had A Great Experience

I really like LAKESIDE FLOORS. They did everything I wanted them to do. They also have great prices. I would definitely recommend LAKESIDE FLOORS.

- Nancy K.
Huffman, TX

Good Company To Do Business With

I found LAKESIDE FLOORS in the Yellow Pages. Their prices are reasonable. I had them to install new carpet and tile in my 2 bedrooms and bathroom. I am very pleased with the results. The technician was professional, courteous and prompt. I would use LAKESIDE FLOORS again.

- Daniel J.
Crosby, TX

Remodel made easy

I have used Lakeside Floors several times and they have always been very attentive to my needs. They are professional, courteous and they do a good job. We redid our entire house's flooring with tile and carpet, and they converted a tub into a shower. Everything worked out wonderfully and the price was excellent. Colleen and Kenny are both great.

- Carol J.
Humble, TX

Lakeside Floors is really good

We've worked with Lakeside Floors for two times now, and they have always been very friendly to work with. There is a lot of product in their store, so it is a good amount of stuff to look at. They put carpet in our new home in different rooms and it turned out beautiful. The installers who came out to do the work knew what they were doing and were friendly.

There actually was a time when there was a mistake--but they were really good to work with us until it got resolved. That's why I go back. They know that customers are their main people. I love working with Lakeside Floors and I would definitely go back and use them again.

- Trudy M.
Huffman, TX

Professional Company Quality Service

This is my second time using LAKESIDE FLOORS; both times were to install new carpet for both homes I had. I would consider the pricing to be fair. They are conveniently located in my area, so they were easy to do business with. The installers and LAKESIDE FLOORS staff provide great customer service and follow through; the owner is extremely professional. I would definitely recommend them to others interested in flooring.

- Teresa H.
Huffman, TX

Family Oriented and Friendly

I've been using LAKESIDE FLOORS for about 8 years. This last service they came out to two (2) of my homes and put in complete floors, granite, vinyl and carpet. The installers were very professional, prompt and the floors came out really good. I think their prices are fair, they always work with me. I really appreciate Colleen and Kenny they are very helpful and friendly. I will definitely continue to use them in the future.

- Jodi P.
Humble, TX

Very Professional and Quality Service

I had my bathroom tiles replaced with LAKESIDE FLOORS; and it was first time using them. Ken's wife answers the phone in a timely manner and is always responsive. LAKESIDE FLOORS provide great customer service. It took 7-10 days to complete the job. After the service was completed there was a problem with the tile edging and lining up with the wall, however, LAKESIDE FLOORS was very great about solving the issue as the follow through was excellent. I will recommend them to family and friends and I will definitely use them again!

- Jane M.
Humble, TX

Go with Lakeside Floors and support your local business

We used Lakeside Floors to install tile in multiple rooms in our home and they did a fine job. I was very satisfied with the job and I would recommend them if you're looking to get tile or flooring done in your home. We like them because they're a local business and do a better job than the big box stores.
- Tim H.
Huffman, TX